Zwartkop Golf Estate Security Project

Zwartkop Golf Estate
Pretoria, Gauteng

Zwartkop Golf Estate, situated in Centurion, is positioned around the prestigious Zwartkop Country Club offering an exceptional quality of life in a pristine environment. The perimeter, which is four kilometres in length and has numerous twists and turns, is also intercepted by the Hennops River. C3 Shared Services were commissioned to design and install a full turnkey perimeter security solution to secure this prestigious estate


C3 installed forty analogue Monochrome CCD cameras with IR Illuminators on the four kilometre perimeter. An additional three thermal cameras were also installed to monitor the fairways of the golf course and inner perimeter where the Hennops River enters the estate. The analogue cameras on the perimeter and the thermal cameras monitoring the golf course and river entrance are combined with intelligent video analytics and integrated onto a very 'simple to use' video management platform. This solution allows for instant visual verification as to the cause and location of any alarms relating to an attempted breach of the perimeter.

Zwartkop's four kilometre perimeter includes numerous curves and twists which dictated the need for C3 to design a cost effective solution that was still reliable and efficient. C3 opted to use analogue security cameras with high power infra-red illumination which would ensure a good quality video image and consistent light levels throughout the scene of activity. Thermal cameras would have been the technology of choice however they are better suited to medium to longer distances exceeding sixty meters in a straight line. It must be noted that in order for infra-red Illuminators to be effective in conjunction with video analytics the LUX (measure of the total "amount" of visible light present) levels in the region of interest (ROI) should not measure below three LUX and this was strictly adhered to throughout the design of the system. These cameras continually monitor the perimeter and should any human targets be detected the video analytics will alert the control room operators by visually and audibly signalling an alarm. The area where the alarm has occurred is easily visible and armed response can be dispatched to the appropriate area.

The Hennops River runs through the estate and its entrance is monitored by a static thermal camera. Thermal cameras require no illumination in order to detect intruders and are perfectly suited to dark areas with no ambient light and for this reason a thermal camera was chosen to monitor the area where the river enters the estate. Three more dual Field of View PTZ thermal cameras combined with intelligent video analytics are strategically placed along the fairways of the golf course. The PTZ Dual FOV function enables these cameras to zoom in and out and move left to right and should an intrusion be detected these cameras can be used to monitor the direction in which the intruder is moving and armed response can easily intercept the perpetrator.

Morne Lindeque, Operations Manager for Zwartkops Estate, says "C3 was commissioned for the full turnkey operation and we are more than happy with the end result. The company has been a pleasure to work with and has showed great professionalism throughout the whole project. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services as not only are they very professional to work with but they have a very comprehensive understanding of the various security technologies on the market today."


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The forty analogue cameras and three thermals were installed over two phases and were financed through a reputable financial institution which resulted in an even greater cost effective solution for the estate. C3 has a comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place, ensuring that Zwartkop's system will be well maintained and consistently able to perform to maximum efficiency.
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