Xanadu Eco Park Security Project

Xanadu Eco-Park Residential Estate (a R 2.1 billion upmarket residential estate)
Hartbeespoort, Gauteng, South Africa

Xanadu Eco-Park is an upmarket residential estate surrounded by 8 km's of indigenous bush. The South Eastern perimeter borders an informal settlement. The park had unsuccessfully used traditional methods of security, eg: electric fencing, CCD high speed dome cameras, solar power, etc.. These methods proved inadequate and insufficient resulting in numerous breaches of their perimeter.

C3's expertise was required to design and implement an impenetrable and robust perimeter security system in order to keep the residents of the estate and their belongings secure. In order to do this, a combination of two military grade technologies were selected - namely thermal imaging cameras (OPGAL) and intelligent video (ioimage). The advantages were that the perimeter security system could now detect intruders in pitch black darkness at distances of up to 350 meters and enable the control room operators to make the correct and speedy decision to alert a designated armed response team to the area where the intrusion was detected.


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