Waterfall Hills Mature Lifestyle Estate Security Project

Waterfall Hills Mature Lifestyle Estate
Kyalami, Gauteng

Waterfall Hills Mature Lifestyle Estate is situated in Kyalami adjacent to the prestigious Waterfall Equestrian Estate. The development features 198 luxurious freestanding homes surrounded by generous stretches of impeccably landscaped, indigenous gardens. Voted the Best Retirement Development in the world in 2009 by CNBC Property Awards, and again in 2011 by Globals Over 50's Housing, Waterfall Hills embodies the very essence of the phrase, "Golden Years". C3, specialists in intelligent video and perimeter security solutions, was awarded the tender to install a perimeter surveillance system as well as an access control solution for this prestigious estate.


The perimeter surveillance system is comprised of a combination of monochrome CCD cameras and military grade thermal cameras combined with intelligent video analytics which alert the control room operators to any unauthorised activity day or night. The two kilometre perimeter has long straight lines bordering on open spaces as well as shorter sections with more curves, and for this reason a combination of camera technologies was chosen. The CCD cameras ,combined with long range infrared illuminators, are installed at points along the perimeter that are shorter with more twists which is where they are most efficient and cost effective. Thermal cameras are used to monitor the areas along the perimeter that border the open spaces of the neighbouring polo and equestrian fields which can become quite vulnerable for security breaches. Thermal cameras need no ambient light in order to detect intruders and have a very long range of detection which is perfectly suited for monitoring large open areas. Both the CCD cameras and the thermal cameras are combined with DVTel's ioimage intelligent video analytics in order to detect any attempted breaches of the perimeter.

Extra Info

In addition to installing cameras on the perimeter, C3 had the task of installing an access control solution which will monitor all traffic at the four entrance and exit lanes into and out of the estate. C3 installed a combination of sophisticated technologies which will ensure a secure and efficient access control solution for the estate. Biometric fingerprint readers are installed at the entrance to the estate as well as facial identification cameras which take clear pictures of all persons entering the estate. Dedicated number plate identification cameras, which specifically block out the glare of the vehicle's headlights in order to capture the number plate, are mounted on stainless steel poles below the access control booms.

The perimeter cameras as well as the access control cameras are linked back to a sophisticated but easy to use DVTel video management platform which enables the control room operators to monitor all cameras on the perimeter and the cameras at the entrance. The intelligent video analytics will alert the security personnel to any attempted breaches of the perimeter as well as the exact location of the attempted breach day or night. The result is that the control room operators are always aware of any unauthorised activity and can respond with the necessary action resulting in a secure estate. Nick Grange, technical Director of C3 says, "This project is another successful IP surveillance system utilising the latest technology and integrating back to a very simple to use but sophisticated video management system. DVTel's video management platform effortlessly integrates with a variety of technologies making it a very powerful tool for the control room operators and an effective tool in crime prevention. We really enjoyed the flexibility and stability of DVTels' product and its ease of use which is unsurpassed".