Southdown's Residential Estate Security Project

Southdown's Residential Estate
Irene, Gauteng

Southdown's Residential Estate is a unique residential development capturing the very essence of Irene's natural beauty and incorporating 50 hectares of farmland within the Estate. Developed by Centurus Property Developers, the estate's vision is "to be the premier residential estate in Gauteng offering a unique lifestyle in an environmentally sustainable manner".

Like many other residential estates, Southdown's had implemented conventional security measures, such as electric fencing with zone indication of intrusion detection, roving guards, reaction vehicles and a central control room. Whilst these are traditional methods of security, many estates are finding that these methods are NOT sufficient when it comes to detecting and preventing intrusions. The perimeter, approximately 6.5 km's, needed a system that would give instant visual verification as to the cause and location of any perimeter breaches without the need for additional lighting. The homeowners felt strongly about not erecting additional lighting as the estate is centred on the old Irene Dairy Farm and the aesthetic 'eco-friendly' nature had to be preserved. The Northern boundary has river frontage and dense vegetation making it the type of landscape difficult to erect and maintain electric fencing on.


C3 was the integrator of choice to provide Southdown's with an impenetrable and robust perimeter security system, whilst keeping with the 'eco-friendly' nature of the estate. In order to do this, a combination of two military grade technologies were selected - namely OPGAL FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) thermal imaging cameras and intelligent video analytics. Not only are OPGAL FLIR thermal cameras 'eco friendly' as they drastically cut down on power consumption but lower monthly maintenance costs also make them an attractive option for estates. Southdown's achieved what it set out to achieve: a virtual perimeter that allows for instant visual verification of any intrusions day or night with no additional lighting. Now 20 thermal cameras with 20 channels of intelligent video analytics continuously monitor the Southdown's perimeter. Furthermore, 30 Analogue cameras are used to monitor the gate houses where number plate and facial recognition systems are in use. An additional two day/night cameras with IR illuminators and intelligent video analytics are used to alert guards to all movement at the two farm gates. "C3's emphasis is not on selling a system but rather a working solution that delivers immediate benefits to the client. As a result Southdown's has agreed to let us use their site as a marketing tool for other estates" says Nick Grange technical director of C3, "This gives us great pride as it depicts the client's level of satisfaction with the security solution implemented".