Porsche Show Room & Car Dealership Security Project

Porsche car dealership and show room
Sunninghill, Gauteng

Porsche have implemented ioimage intelligent video analytics to secure the perimeter of their car showroom in Sunninghill, Gauteng. The perimeter is approximately 650 meters in length and surrounds the car showroom and dealership, the contents of which are of an extremely high value with the average car having a value of R1.2 million.

Porsche needed an accurate and reliable intrusion detection system. The accurate detection of intruders was extremely important without the frustration of unnecessary false alarms. Changes in the environment and weather conditions are the often the cause of false alarms - Porsche needed a technology that would accurately detect breaches of their security, eliminate false alarms and allow their guarding manpower to be able to view the location of the breach. They also required a flexible IP solution but with the stability of an embedded DSP. ioimage intelligent video analytics was the solution of choice.


3 and applied business partner, Goodman security Technologies, installed 16 channels of ioimage intelligent video on site. The intelligent video was implemented in conjunction with the CCTV system to give the client a high end solution as opposed to using conventional alarm detection equipment. The HTML version of the ioimage product range was chosen for this site. This allowed greater flexibility for networking, thus allowing for a better interface with Porsche's existing VPN. The system also interfaced with the existing analogue cameras and matrix switcher. Porsche's perimeter is now secured with automated surveillance and intruder tracking with immediate notification and instant visual verification on any security breaches.

Gary, from Goodman Security Technologies, says, "In our vast experience with perimeter detection systems the ioimage video analytics system has even far exceeded any of our expectations. The reliability, ease of use and simplicity of implementation has made this an extremely effective and efficient solution for our organisation".


Extra Info

The ioimage intelligent video system has been recommended to Porsche SA for implementation at their new dealerships in Kwa -Zulu Natal and Cape Town.