Nuclear Facility Project

Classified *Please note that the company name can’t be made available due to it being a high-risk facility

The nuclear facility* in question had a specific requirement for the best technology available for their perimeter intrusion detection system. The client enquired about various technologies available to determine the best fit for their unique premises, with one specific criteria: the systems must provide the command control room operators with a high level of situational awareness.

C3 conducted in-field tests with the client to illustrate the performance of thermal cameras combined with military-grade video analytics versus conventional visual spectrum cameras that depend on the presence of light to operate.

Thereafter, the client acquired the services of an internationally recognized security systems consultant to facilitate the final design and implementation of their perimeter security solutions. C3 tendered, along with various companies offering different technological options, and demonstrated our best-breed technology for their specific requirement. The thermal cameras with video analytics proved, as usual, top of the list for their capability to function in the absence of light.


The contract was awarded to C3 Shared Services and took approximately 7 to 8 months to implement, test and optimize to the client’s specifications. The design had to comply with international best practices and tests were done to ensure the solution complied with the client’s security standards seeing that the project was funded by an international firm.

C3 received international recognition for exceptional project management and project implementation. The project was also completed within budget, on time and according to international best practice standards.