FQML Copper Mine Security Project

FQML Copper Mine

First Quantum Minerals Ltd, a British Columbia based mining and metal's company have appointed South African company, C3 Shared Services, to design and install a tailor made state of the art "intelligent" security surveillance system to protect the highly sensitive areas at their Zambian copper mine.

Theuns Claasen, Security Manager for the mine says, "C3SS was chosen after a due diligence process was carried out on a group of suppliers bidding for our contract to install a CCTV monitoring system. The decision to appoint C3SS was unanimous in terms of their superior product and after sales service. Pre-installation was conducted professionally in terms of product packaging and care for the long delivery trip and the installation process was extremely professional."


C3 Shared Services, specialists in intelligent video and perimeter security solutions, have designed and installed a unique solution incorporating CCD cameras, high speed domes and ioimage intelligent video analytics to protect the perimeter and to effectively monitor all processes within the plant. The intelligent video analytics are programmed to detect and alert the control room operators to any intrusions on the perimeter, whilst the high speed domes allow for the finer details within the plant to be monitored. "This particular surveillance system has a very high probability of detection with a very low false alarm rate" says Gary Egan, Senior Technical Consultant for C3. Gary goes on to say, "C3's custom designed solution offers FQML the ability not only to monitor all security sensitive areas from a single control room in real time, but to be notified automatically in the event of a security breach."

C3 had the task to not only protect the perimeter and internal processes of the gold plant, but also to provide superior surveillance at the external main gate and the plant gate. Security at these entrances is also integrated with the advanced video management system situated in the control room. The control room, also designed by c3, is the heart of the security system. Operators in this state of the art control room have access to all the cameras on the perimeter as well as the internal cameras. The intelligent video analytics will automatically alert the operators as to the exact location of any attempted breaches on perimeter. This automated 'intelligent' ability prevents operators getting fatigued by having to watch numerous cameras as they can confidently rely on the analytics to monitor the perimeter effectively.


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C3 has deployed a tailor made intelligent surveillance solution which will provide FQML with a future proof security system and a high return on investment. The solution installed is a fully integrated IP open based platform allowing for expansion and growth and for the integration of future cameras, access control systems, etc.
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