First Offender Prison Gaborone Security Project

First Time Offenders Correctional Facility
Gaborone, Botswana

Unlike airports, seaports and utilities which need security to keep the bad guys out, prisons require security measures to keep the bad guys in. For this reason, prisons face challenges that are wholly unique. The typical challenge of this site was to find a reliable, accurate and simple perimeter security system that would integrate with a video management system. The system had to be one that would be user friendly and easy to operate by security officers / control room operators that are not trained in computers or IT.

As the location (been in Botswana) was fairly remote and in a harsh weather environment, the client needed a system that would be able to work efficiently under these conditions.


Once again ioimage was the intelligent video system of choice. C3 managed and co-ordinated the entire project with local partner, Standby Power Systems. The solution incorporated intelligent video perimeter security integrated with kinetic energy detection sensors resulting in a "double knock" detection system. In other words, a convict would have to successfully get passed two separate leading technologies in order to escape. Additionally, the solution also incorporated biometrics access control and an overt digital management system.