Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

C3 aims to provide a platform that provides user access to a variety of security solutions that’ll address any and all of an oil or gas plant’s security vulnerabilities. With tailor-made security strategies and advanced technology, we don’t only offer safety, but peace of mind as well.

Oil and gas plants are, for obvious reasons, high risk areas. Keeping personnel and the public at large safe in and around these areas is, therefore, of vital importance.

C3 brings all its innovative technological skill and expertise to bear in this crucial endeavour. Every plant that is faced with mitigating fire threats must have an industrial safety system in place to protect its personnel, itself and the environment. With early detection technology, deadly toxic gas leaks can immediately be located and addressed. As monitoring the various valves, flanges and other equipment dealing with high pressure gas is a colossal task, investing in cutting-edge technology that’ll make the process as effective as it can be, is the only way to truly minimalise threat to an operation.

Toxic gasses can also compromise the safety of a plant’s staff in cases where they remain undetected. Carbon Monoxide (CO), which is almost untraceable through the senses alone, and which accumulates on ground level if a leak is left unchecked, presents serious dangers to personnel in the area. Similarly, the threat of leaking Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) reiterates the ever-looming fire hazard that could devastate any oil and gas plant.


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I can commend them as true leaders in developing innovative and leading edge technologies.
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Morne Lindeque, Operations Manager for Zwartkop Golf Estate Home Owners Association
Excellent support in camera surveillance installation and maintenance. Their workmanship is of good quality and standard
Simon Sekabate, Snr Chemical Engineer for Impala Platinum - Refineries

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