C3 are the experts in thermal surveillance for intrusion detection. We combine our thermal cameras with intelligent video analytics, allowing for instant visual verification of the exact cause and the location of any perimeter breach, day or night. The benefits of thermal cameras over conventional CCD cameras are numerous. Lets take a look at a few of the advantages:

  • Visible image day and night in total darkness without the need for any ambient light
  • Visual penetration through rain / mist / fog far greater than CCD
  • Low maintenance - does not require cleaning of optics
  • Direct or reflective light shining into the camera lens does not affect picture image
  • Thermal cameras combined with video analytics can detect intruders at greater distances than CCD's and therefore far fewer cameras are needed. This is far more aesthetically pleasing especially in residential estates.
  • Power consumption is considerably less when compared to CCD cameras combined with IR illuminators.
  • Thermal cameras do not work off visible light but rather infrared light (heat / radiation) therefore the cameras can still detect intruders that are dressed in dark or camouflaged clothing.
  • Thermal cameras are considered leading edge technology. Intruders in total darkness are not aware of the camera's capabilities and might believe they are moving through the field of view undetected.