Distributed temperature sensing

With a fiber optic linear heat detector, we can offer optimum safety against the incidence of fire threats in tunnels and special hazard buildings.
With the LIOS DE.TECT line sensor, fire threats can be detected up to a range of 6 000m. Since its introduction in 1997, it has become the safety standard for underground transport facilities’ fire prevention security measures, enabling complete monitoring of whole tunnels for the first time in monitoring tech history.

This device offers resistance to rough environmental conditions, remaining accurate in its readings in a variety of external circumstances. Its design allows for stand-alone operations, providing precise information about fire size, location and propagation on its own. It is also easy to install and to integrate into existing fire management systems.

The LIOS DE.TECT also adheres to today’s strict safety conventions and standards, providing high-proven product quality based on the fulfilment of criteria recognised by a variety of authoritative regulatory bodies. These include: 

•    VdS (Association of German Property Insurers)

•    prEN 54-22 Class A1N

•    ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

•    TÜV Rheinland

•    CE (Electromagnetic Compliance, Europe) 

•    UL 521, ULC S530 spacing up to 50ft 

•    ATEX certification

Combined with powerful monitoring and visualisation software, data can easily be presented and interpreted. With versatility in its customisation capabilities, this device can be set up for various unique ends, including monitoring activity in deluge zones, as well as in more secluded sections of a facility, for example.