Cable and pipeline protection system

C3 Shared Services is cleared to do quality installations that’ll act as a solution, rather than a system, as the company aims to resolve any security requirement identified through a tailor-made security strategy, rather than through providing a generic system that can more easily be subverted.
With detailed and customised security plans, and through our commitment to customer service, we provide unrivalled solutions to the water, electrical and chemical utilities industries, the transportation sector, oil and gas facilities and other high security sites, like military bases, prisons and nuclear plants. Our solutions are also perfect for other market sectors, catering to farms, game reserves, mines, industrial and corporate parks and lifestyle property initiatives, like golf estates. 

With a product portfolio that covers in-ground, surface volumetric, barrier and perimeter fence sensor systems, these multiple tiers of security provide your business initiative with a unique peace of mind. 

In-ground sensors offer a covert element to your security strategy, with low vulnerability to defeat and radio operation capabilities, detecting machine digging and other disturbances with accuracy. Our surface volumetric defence systems cover areas stretching as far as 200m per sensor, while our perimeter and barrier sensor systems provide the functionality to detect tampering and intrusion within a space of 3 to 10 meters, depending on the product.

With monorail-mounted surveillance robots, RoboGuard can double the surveillance potential of your perimeter by monitoring its integrity and by visiting breach sites to gather additional information.