Integrated Security Management System

Classic PSIM is, really, about connecting multiple security and fire solutions into a single computer platform equipped with the intelligence to interface with all the data within all the systems involved, correlate it, and determine when security events are merging. 
Founded in 2001, PSIM software caters to the needs of city planning and civic engineering projects’ security, but also provides security support for railway and metro projects, airports, corporate enterprises, homeland defence, hospitals, maritime ports and harbours, border control, police, and oil and gas facilities the world over.

With six key capabilities, management of an entire enterprise can be tackled on one comprehensive user interface that can quickly and cost-effectively be customised to meet the exact requirements of every user for any company.
By ordering the massive influx of data received from various security channels like CCTV, for example, PSIM can arrive at accurate visualisations and reports with the aim to detect, visualise and resolve threats according to specific criteria established for your custom interface.
At C3, we are at the coalface of PSIM, connecting systems and other platforms in a cohesive, effective way to enhance security across a broad spectrum, and thereby increase productivity.