At C3, we cater to the needs of clients across the entire African mining landscape, developing and implementing solutions that will meet varied and unique needs and requirements. From addressing fire challenges to providing security solutions, we offer a comprehensive defence strategy for any of the continent’s mining operations.



The raw materials found in these facilities are of high value and are, therefore, a prime target for thieves. This, naturally, results in often severe production losses.

In these facilities it is critical to have in place high-tech surveillance systems, as well as state-of-the-art access control. In this way, theft from outside, as well as from within, can be detected and countered accordingly.



The raw materials that chrome and copper mines work with may not have as much value as gold, platinum or diamonds – but they still need to be protected.

These facilities require a different type of security solution to, for example, protect their employees from violent strikes and avoid people entering the premises illegally and sabotaging the equipment/plant to stop production.



Protecting smelters is a similar undertaking to those carried out at mines. Here, production can be contaminated, and this can cause major financial implications for the industry which will, in turn, affect the entire economy. These facilities require a security solution to keep perpetrators and unauthorized people out of the property while securing the employees within. At C3, we have all the solutions necessary to meet this complex challenge.


Fire challenges

The safety of employees is, obviously, the number one priority. Reducing fire-related incidents/fatalities is therefore critical.

In this area, a number of challenges have to be met, including environmental difficulties (dust, underground and wet conditions). It is therefore critical that the correct type of fire detection/suppression system is in place.

At C3, our aim is to help improve productivity through a greater degree of automation, preventing loss of life and preventing damage to valuable mining assets, which can occur when no early fire detection system is in place.

In the mining industry the main causes of fire are linked to conveyor belts, furnaces, underground facilities with fluctuating temperatures, and mobile equipment. C3 ensures that the highest possible technological know-how is employed in all these areas, to ensure people safety and equipment protection.



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Morne Lindeque, Operations Manager for Zwartkop Golf Estate Home Owners Association
Excellent support in camera surveillance installation and maintenance. Their workmanship is of good quality and standard
Simon Sekabate, Snr Chemical Engineer for Impala Platinum - Refineries

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