Like airports, harbours are vital cogs in the wheel that makes up the South African economy. With infrastructure always developing around these key points of business that the country is so reliant on, security and safety become paramount to more than just these operations themselves, but to the country as a whole. With various security threats encroaching on local harbours, staying ahead of the game requires more than adequate preparation. This precious industry demands guaranteed safety – a promise that only technologically advanced security solutions can deliver on today.

With powerful surveillance equipment and other security measures, harbours can mitigate the threat potential from various kinds of danger. The looming peril of sabotage will always be a danger that large-scale operations must contend with, but with advanced video analytic capabilities, threats can be identified and responded to faster than ever.

Although harbour fires are rare the world over, they’re not entirely unheard of – in fact, even South Africa has encountered this menace before. With a varied list of possible causes, fires can severely cripple any type of harbour. The only way to effectively manage this risk is then to be prepared for the eventuality of a fire, which means having the on-site functionality to locate fire origins with speed and accuracy – another set of capabilities made possible by modern advanced security tech.

Investing in a must-have set of security measures that’ll protect your operation from physical danger of any kind is still an imperative investment to make.


The solutions and ideas shared by them definitely enhance our systems’ performance and enable new ideas and ways of…
Alan Jevon, Signals & Communications for Bombela Maintenance (Pty) Ltd
I can commend them as true leaders in developing innovative and leading edge technologies.
Blanca Pretorius, Managing Director for EBS Security
Their expertise has been a major factor in enhancing our security, helping it to become one of the safest secure…
Fritz Pauley, Estate Manager for Blue Valley Golf and Country Estate
They are always on time and always willing to help with extra issues on site pertaining to the cameras.
Joseph Maartens, Security Manager for Lancet Laboratories
Their work has been a major contributing factor in mitigating theft of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) and other related…
Joseph Mokhuane, Protection Services Manager for Impala Platinum - Refineries
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Morne Lindeque, Operations Manager for Zwartkop Golf Estate Home Owners Association
Excellent support in camera surveillance installation and maintenance. Their workmanship is of good quality and standard
Simon Sekabate, Snr Chemical Engineer for Impala Platinum - Refineries

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