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Blue Valley Golf and Country Estate Seven years of Good Luck

"Since partnering with C3 Shared Services, our perimeter has not been breached in seven years."
So says Fritz Pauley, Manager of the Blue Valley Golf and Country Estate, who adds that the residential estate has become hugely sought-after, partly because of its crime-free environment. "I would recommend C3SS to any estate or security manager as a result," he says.

Named for the blue skies and open country that characterise its surroundings, the Gary Player - designed Blue Valley Estate is a perfect blend of hospitality, sport and nature. Conveniently situated between northern Johannesburg and Pretoria, this acclaimed residential and golf estate is home to 3 600 residents. Currently undergoing a massive new development phase, it will, on completion, comprise 10 000 units.

According to Fritz, crime-related incidents generally take up 70% of a residential security estate manager's time. This, however, is not the case for him, and even the South African Police Service (SAPS) says Blue Valley is one of the most secure and quiet estates in the area.

Pauley says that from the very beginning of the security collaboration with C3SS, the company's service has been phenomenal. "As with every new relationship, there were some challenges, but the fast resolution of problems illustrated their strong commitment towards Blue Valley. Today, residents enjoy great peace of mind, knowing that they live in one of safest estates around."

Recalling his first days as estate manager, Fritz says he envisioned creating a military-style security operation. "The detection of threats is paramount to the prevention of crime," he explains, adding that he struggled to find the right security partner to help him implement his plans.

One after the next, he sat through presentations by security companies. But it was C3SS's concept of intelligent perimeter security, along with their knowledge, relevant expertise and technological acumen that won them the contract "hands down", he remembers. "It was the best security decision we could have made for the estate and for the safety of the owners and tenants living here – the Homeowners' Association is as happy as I am with C3SS."

Talking about the estate's 7km perimeter, Fritz says he needed a system that would give him instant visual verification and early identification of the exact location of possible breaches, day or night, and without the need for additional lighting. C3SS recommended a combination of high-end static and PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) thermal cameras, which were strategically placed along the perimeter, allowing for the entire area to be monitored.

Though there have been many attempts to breach the perimeter, none has been successful, he says. "Every time the criminals try their tricks, our security officers quickly position themselves on the opposite side of the wall. The criminals then move along to other spots which they think are unprotected, but after being repeatedly discovered, they eventually gave up and left the area. Some came back a few weeks later only to experience the same results."

Fritz credits the zero perimeter breach in seven years to the technology deployed on the luxury estate, acknowledging that his staff can only perform at their peak with its help. "The technology minimises human errors and missed incidents, and through real time situational awareness, allows us to keep Blue Valley safe."

In addition to keeping Blue Valley safe, Pauley says the thermal cameras, with their long range capabilities, also protect the nearby electrical sub-station. "Ongoing cable theft from that substation kept rendering us without power, but since the installation of the cameras, we're able to pick trespassers and quickly notify the police, which has put an end to the problem."

The cameras even identified a criminal trying to jump the perimeter of a nearby estate, which allowed Blue Valley security staff to contact and warn their neighbours and so prevent an incident.

"Selecting the right partner for your security needs can make all the difference to whether you are continuously chasing criminals, as some estates do, or simply detecting them early, watching their behaviour and, when the time is right, making your presence known in order to prevent a breach. That's become the order of the day at Blue Valley," concludes Fritz.

Partner with us today to have the same peace of mind on your estate, plant or facility - 011 312 2041 or email us at marketing@c3ss.com

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